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The object of Mark’s affection since the beginning of the show, she finally broke it off with her boyfriend after realizing she had feelings for Mark as well. While Vanessa was cut from her trust fund due to a bit of a spending issue, it’s not like she wasn’t trying to hold down a job.Kind of like when Laura fell for the legit Steve Urkel near the end of the show. She moved on towards a pretty successful show called (but they unfortunately didn’t bring her back for a second season.) In 2011, she hosted the 42nd NAACP Image Awards alongside Wayne Brady, and that was also the year she won an award for her children’s book called “My Brother Charlie”.That’s how ’90s sitcoms are supposed to end, right? Dawnn Lewis as Robin Dumars While Robin was the reason as to why Mark moved in, the show only kept her on for the first season. In 2006, she portrayed Deloris Van Cartier in Peter Schneider’s “Sister Act the Musical”.During his time on Blue Peter, Curry always did his best to avoid any high-up activities, because he suffered from vertigo (he usually managed to leave that kind of thing to the late Caron Keating).However, he did manage to ride the sails of a windmill, go on the 'Big One' rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and climb up a telegraph pole (even if the latter did take him considerably longer than the rest of the climbers). What he much preferred doing, though, was anything that involved singing and dancing - well, he was an actor originally.

He will play The Wizard from March 25, replacing Tom Mc Gowan, who leaves the show on March 12.

Luckily, Dawnn’s career didn’t suffer from being let go. That same year she also released her debut CD, entitled “Worth Waiting For”.

(If you think you’ve never heard Dawnn sing before, she actually sang the theme song to the show in Season 1 along with Holly and the group En Vogue.) Marquise Wilson as Tyler Foster Not too much is known about Marquise, who played Mark’s neighbor (who he eventually grew to like) Tyler.

Still pops up on telly from time to time, selling things on shopping channels and the like.

For a while in the 2000s he ran a dating agency called It Takes 2.


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