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Steve’s goal: to revolutionize the shoe industry with iconic and creative designs.

Who would have thought it would be such a big success?

It’s the most indented coastline in the Mediterranean. I take back my word if a beach has the blue flag for excellence. As the season heats up, the pristine white pebbles soon get soiled with cigarette butts or pieces of broken glass. An odd plastic bottle or beer can may ruin your vista.

With the 1,777 km long mainland, 1,246 islands and god-only-knows (because god created it so gorgeous) how many bays, inlets and alcoves, there is a whopping 4,058 km long stretch where you can meet the divine. Do you still think you need a list of Croatia top beaches? get your kids under control, that fool splashed all over me…Let’s zoom in at what the ethereal Golden Cape looks like at the height of the season. I wish I could tell you to do a citizen arrest when you see people leaving their litter on a beach, but there’s still no such thing in Croatia!

"It was girls standing around in their bedroom, just looking like a girl you might see on the street, which is what I'd been shooting all along," says Kern of his foray into porn.

Since quitting, he has focused on gallery exhibitions.

It's the only beach in Croatia with the Ibiza party spirit, and droves of locals and tourists flock here looking for a good time.

If this is the definition of a beach, I assure you – you can do this at pretty much every inch of the Croatian coast. Remember the tag line that always gets appended to the Croatian coast? It’s only logical that a high turn-around of people will produce a higher amount of rubbish.For this journey, leave the kids and your inhibitions home; we're taking you to Croatia's 10 sexiest beaches.Located on Pag Island, Zrce Beach is a white-pebbled beach, kissing the crystal-clear Adriatic.After graduating from UNC, he moved to New York in 1979.He started taking photos and then began experimenting with film.Photographer and filmmaker Richard Kern shot a naked girl for the first time in the early '80s. Now 58, Kern is not interested in making pornography.


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