Guys guide to dating a geek girl yours truly dating agency

If you feel good about the way you look, you’ll feel more confident whenever that first date happens (Before you go nuts in the comments section about how outward appearances shouldn’t be important, remind yourself that you wouldn’t show up for a job interview or a Con dressed inappropriately.

A date should be no different.)Elizabeth Giorgi is a writer and filmmaker from Minneapolis.

Resident style contributor Elizabeth Giorgi takes some time out from DIYing Wonder Woman shoes to share some general advice and personal experience that’s just as relevant to anybody who isn’t dating a geek or isn’t a geek themselves. Yes, it’s fun to dress up in coordinating outfits at Cons together, but there’s also a lot more to life than cosplay. There’s this tendency among geeks to try and one up each other with knowledge.

I’ve been a self-identified nerd since I was 16, but I didn’t always date within my identity. Unless you’re cosplaying every week, I wouldn’t base a relationship on it. This comes out in trivia contests, coffee shop conversations and comment sections. Comic books, LEGO sets and action figures all require a commitment of both financial resources and time.

Thus, when a woman decides to give a nerd a chance, she may find herself in uncharted territory.

It will be your first reaction, because you can’t imagine your life without it. My boyfriend doesn’t really get my obsession with . As a result, it’s something that we just don’t do together.One of the first ideas that popped up relating to article ideas was one presenting a perspective of a non-geek who was in a relationship with a geeky guy.I don’t have an answer to the question of However, it did get me thinking about geeks and dating, and the unique challenges that lie therein. I’m sure the article came my way because he knew I’d want to blog about it, and of course I did. But after a few dates, you begin to realize he’s not like the other guys you’ve dated.He’s smart; he’s a little shy; he’s quirky; and he loves science fiction, online gaming, comic books, or other related pursuits. While nerds often make great partners (in fact, many of us in the dating business consider them the unsung heroes of the single male demographic), women tend to overlook them.By the 80's the nerd was becoming more defined, but no less disdained: The rise of tech billionaires, and TBBT, have brought nerds to the brink of coolness.


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